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About the Puzzles

Are they for kids?

Nope, these are for puzzlers with a grown-up vocabulary (much like the crosswords in the newspapers). Mostly this is because some words used are unlikely to be familiar to young children, however there is also the occasional mild 'adult concept' or curse word.

How hard are they?

This will depend on the solver's experience, however they aren't intended to be fiendishly difficult. Scroll down for some samples.

How are they made?

The puzzle booklets are printed locally and I bind them using cardboard, embroidery thread and a simple stab binding technique. When you have finished, the string can be removed and the paper/card recycled. Some of the smaller sets of puzzles (folded or in envelopes) I print myself. In general, my aim is to keep things simple and stick to paper/card for puzzles and packaging.

What exactly is in each booklet/set of puzzles?

An Introduction to Cryptic Crosswords

10 Little Christmas Cryptics

12 Little Christmas Puzzles

10 Little Puzzles - Word finds about cats

24 Little Cryptic Puzzles

24 Little Cryptic Puzzles About Cats

Little Puzzles About Tea

Mum Words

Spring puzzles

Little puzzles - Creatures that build

Love words



puzzle sample


puzzle sample


puzzle sample


puzzle sample


puzzle sample